One of the basic  elements of H.H.F.’s activity is the publication of books that record modern Greek history, literature and poetry. However, H.H.F. also publishes academic research and  related studies.
H.H.F.’s aim is to produce academically sound publications that benefit both researchers and a wider readership.

H.H.F.'s titles are:

The Asia Minor Campaign by Kostas Missaelidis

His Correspondences from the Front (1919-1922)

Ayvaly-Moshonissia Dialect dictionary

Angeliki Ralli Professor of Patras University

A book on the history of Castellorizo island

from 19th century to the present day


The Soundtrack of the Documentary IMVROS & TENEDOS ISLANDS

Fifty years since the anti-Greek riots of 1955 in Istanbul

Includes previously unreleased report of Constantinople's then Consul V. Theodoropoulos.

The Ten-day Diary

Agapi Moliviatis-Venezi testimony

The Ten-Day Diary

by Agapi Moliviatis-Venezi testimony

Turkish policy towards Greek education in Istanbul 1923-1974

An account of Greek education in Istanbul

Event's Schedule at Athens Concert Hall 4/4/2011

Includes music CD and a list of all graduates of Halki Seminary

The Exiled Erzurum/Ashkale

Konstandinos Kiourktsoglou's diary of the labour battalions of 1943 in Turkey..