The Art Director of the 6th International Documentary Festival of Castellorizo Island "Beyond Borders" 2021, Irini Sarioglou, will be interviewed on Saturday, 29.05.21, at 16:30 at KosTv.Thank you KosTv – Media Sponsor of the 6th «Beyond Borders» International Documentary Festival in Castellorizo 2021.

The General Secretary of Hellenic History Foundation Dr Irini Sarioglou at the Scientific Conference of Crete which will take place online on 22.03.2021 at 18:40.

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On the ocasion of the 200th anniverssary after the Greek Revolution,the General Secretary of Hellenic History Foundation, historian Irini Sarioglou will be interviewed by Greek Education's High school students on Friday,March 19th 2021.

Dr Irini Sarioglou as a Jury member for the Netherlands International Documentary Festival "Movies That Matter".

Dr Irini Sarioglou after the invitation she received from ΚΕΜΜΕ-Municipality of Kifissia,,will participate at the conference,with subject:"The Greek and foreign press in the period before, during and after the Asia Minor Disaster (1914-1923)" which will take place ( 15-16 May 2021) online.Presentation of  "The Asia Minor Campaign by Kostas Missaelidis" volume.

Dr Irini Sarioglou after the invitation she received from the Hellenic Open University,will participate at the conference,with subject:"From the Treaty of Seves to the Treaty of Lausanne: Historical Approaches and Views of the Refugee Issue"

organized by the School of Humanities of the Hellenic Open University and the "Greek Culture" Curriculum.